"Are You Protecting the Value of Your Investment?"

How to use MITs to ensure a successful plan!
By Robert J. Petrisin, President/CEO of Strategic Reserves


s a former board member who experienced frustration after reviewing several reserve studies that were incomplete, inaccurate and difficult-to-understand, I felt it was time for change. In 1990, I set out to develop a set of Management Information Tools (MITs) - found within a reserve study report - that could be used by association management to assess, control & manage a significant part of the budget...the Reserve Allocation!


For potential buyers, understanding the reserve study is an important part of evaluating the value of the property being sold.  For association members, proper reserve planning protects against declining property values due to financial instabilities that result in special assessments and/or deferred maintenance. The more you understand about reserves, the more you won't want to be without a Strategic Reserves report!


HGK"Our goal is to provide your community association
an accurate and detailed long-term funding plan
that is affordable and easy-to-understand,
allowing for sound budgetary preparation for the future,
to preserve the attractive appearance
and protect the value of each homeowners' investment.


The philosophy at Strategic Reserves is built on a solid foundation of complete customer satisfaction, our #1 priority, and direct association management input, the key to our success!


We firmly believe that your community association requires the security that a Strategic Reserves report provides.  The additional information that follows provides for a thorough understanding of the long-term funding plan, and the qualifications & products that ensure the- Security of a successful plan!


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